Té Tonic Gin Lovers box 72 infusions


The Gin lovers Box is the absolute favorite among gin lovers! With the 72 units in 6 different flavor infusions you can make endless creations of your own Gin Tonic cocktail!

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This box is made for the real gin lover! The Gin Lovers box which consists of 72 units with 6 different flavor infusions are all displayed in a beautiful hard cardboard display box. On top of that an instructions booklet (in 5 languages) is included to create your own Gin Tonic.

Pack includes:

  • 12 units of Red Passion flavor
    Dried apple, hibiscus, elderberry, rose-hip, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant.
  • 12 units of Green flavor
    Dried Cucumber, lemon rind, physalis, juniper berries, lemon verbena and cardamom.
  • 12 units of Rose Jasmine flavor
    Hibiscus, to give the gin a light tint, dehydrated rose petals, orange blossom, green jasmine tea and dried apple.
  • 12 units of Yellow Citric flavor
    Llemon rind, hibiscus, juniper berries, camomile, physalis, lemon aroma and cardamom.
  • 12 units of Orange Energy flavor
    Dried orange rind, dried lemon rind, whole cinnamon pods, mint, physalis, juniper berries and orange and cinnamon tea.
  • 12 units of white Essential flavor
    Physalis, lemon rind, juniper berries, black pepper, cardamom and orange blossom.



A beautiful gift for an amazing gin lover! The Té Tonic infusions are 100% natural and contain no artificial colors or additives or preservatives.

Tip: use only Dry Gin.

Té Tonic is certified by the Health Registry and hold certificates of Quality Procedures in accordance with our model of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Certified by Ambialia Spain and Levasam, and audited by multinational companies in the beverage industry and large retailers.

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Our pyramidal infusions for Gin Tonic provide an unbelievably powerful combination of all ingredients. For the red and the rose infusionbag hold the bag in the gin for 1 minute. Next, add some ice and tonic and your Gin Tonic is ready to get served. The four other infusions colors have to be kept in the gin for 4 to 6 minutes before adding ice and gin.

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  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARENTEE. We remove all risk. We promise to return your money if you are not happy with your purchase. But, We know you will love them. Check the reviews for proof. Té Tonic uses impeccable processes to insure HACCP and has all the certificates and licenses from Health registry organisations.
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